supplementary motor cortex

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sup·ple·men·tar·y mo·tor cor·tex

a region from which, by electrical stimulation, the musculature of all bodily parts can be activated, as it also can by stimulation of the motor cortex of the precentral gyrus; the region corresponds approximately to the expansion of Brodmann area 6 over the medial surface of the cerebral hemisphere; this area has largely a bilateral representation and is concerned primarily with tonic and postural motor activities.
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Premotor cortex: In mammals, part of the frontal lobe cortex, along with the supplementary motor cortex, that projects to the primary motor cortex.
The basic function of supplementary motor cortex is for organizing and planning the muscle activation sequences necessary in the execution of movements (J.
Both areas have, mainly, nerve projections to the supplementary motor cortex and premotor cortex, and also have some nerve projections to the spinal cord and brainstem.
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