supination of the forearm

su·pi·na·tion of the fore·arm

rotation of the forearm in such a way that the palm of the hand faces anteriorly in the anatomical position, or upward when the arm is extended at a right angle to the body.
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Clinically, then, it might also be important to work on regaining supination of the forearm since this will allow better stabilization and function by the wrist and hand in a reaching task.
The diagnostic test is pain on resisted supination of the forearm.
Examination will reveal weakness and pain on resisted supination of the forearm.
Reattachment of the biceps brachii has been proposed, but this technique resulted in strength deficits with supination of the forearm (5).
Her most recent follow-up examination revealed that elbow flexion and extension, pronation and supination of the forearm, and wrist flexion and extension were within normal limits.
Recovery has been uneventful, and the patient has regained full flexion and extension of the wrist and elbow and full pronation and supination of the forearm.
3) The patient is examined in the same position with the arm flexed up to 90[degrees] and full supination of the forearm.