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The act of superfusing.
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d) I/V curves of the mean whole cell currents ([+ or -] SE, n = 3) of Jurkat-Bcl-2 cells recorded the absence (left) or presence of the TRPM2-activator ADP-ribose (right) in the pipette before (open circles) and after bath superfusion with the TRPM2 inhibitor ACA (closed triangles).
That Karabell's Superfusion was translated into Ferguson's Chimerica (zhongmeiguo) when the book was published in Chinese was telling.
To confirm the BNP results in vivo, we performed superfusion experiments with freshly prepared rat myocardium from three 10- to 12-week-old Wistar rats (mean weight 260 g; Charles River) as described previously by Jeron et al.
Continuous superfusion of the cells, where the perfusate that exits the cell perfusion chamber reaches an electrochemical detector, allows for both basal and stimulated catecholamine release to be assessed during RF exposure of the cells.
Superfusion of a working, isolated perfused heart with solenopsin A elicited a marked, reversible decrement in contractile function (dP/dt) at 10 [micro]M and cardiac arrest at 100 [micro]M.
By continuous superfusion of the cells with medium, a defined nutrient concentration is maintained throughout the culture period.
Superfusion of the cell with 60 mg/l COU before addition of vasopressin led to complete suppression of the rapid initial increase of the calcium signal.
to insert 24 G LP needle in one of the supraorbital notch and proceeding forwards and inwards always touching the orbit's roof pointed towards ipsilateral optic canal and then feeling the give way as and when the quadrigeminal cistern is reached then drain the CSF and do the superfusion for quadrigeminal cistern superfusion and cisternal puncture for IV ventricular superfusion with SNP i.
Our finding that application of the octopamine antagonist, phentolamine, resulted in speedier snails was not expected, as we saw here that octopamine superfusion of the CNS resulted in a higher firing frequency of PeA cluster neurons (Fig.
However, exposure to a [mu]-receptor antagonist via superfusion (14) significantly increased the amplitude of GABAergic transmission in the CeAs of both chronic morphine-treated and naive animals, suggesting tonic (i.
After 1 hr of continuous exposure to 2% TNBT superfusion, the spinotrapezius muscle was fixed with a 10% formalin solution and excised.