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(L., sing.) eyebrow; the transverse elevation at the junction of the forehead and upper eyelid.


(ī'brow), [TA]
The crescentic line of hairs at the superior edge of the orbit.
Synonym(s): supercilium [TA]


/su·per·cil·i·um/ (-sil´e-um) pl. superci´lia   [L.] eyebrow; the transverse elevation at the junction of the forehead and upper eyelid.supercil´iary


, pl. supercilia (sū'pĕr-sil'ē-ŭm, -ă) [TA]
1. Synonym(s): eyebrow.
2. An individual hair of the eyebrow.
[L. fr. super, above, + cilium, eyelid]


A transverse elevation covered with hairs and situated at the junction of the forehead and upper lid. Syn. supercilium. See ophryosis.
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Individuals with large PCoA II scores tend to have small ventral spots with pale background color, extensive throat spotting, broad crown spots, and little yellow in the supercilium.
kuhli with the anterior half of the crown almost entirely black, fine black streaks on the sides of the neck, and a white supercilium.
The former has a gray breast and a bright white median crown stripe and supercilium, while the latter has a brown breast and a dull or tan-colored crown stripe and supercilium (Lowther 1961, Falls and Kopachena 1994).
Method 1 (2004-2005), which provides a general estimate of male age-class frequency, entailed using 10X 32 binoculars to observe whether the bird had a distinct white supercilium, purportedly present only in second-year (SY) males and absent in after-second-year (ASY) males (Dunn and Garrett 1997); nearly all males were observed from [less than or equal to] 15 m.