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Designating a sulfur compound in which sulfur has a valence of +4 compared with sulfuric compounds in which sulfur has a valence of +6, or sulfides (-2).
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Two types of sulfurous EP agents S-1 and S-2 are employed for the experimental samples.
Release of bound sulfurous compounds in yeast lees during lees aging.
It should be noted that sulfurous mineral waters were also discovered at Bezdead, Varfuri and Sultanu, but these are not yet used.
Second, sulfurous acid is always regarded as acid aseptic because it can consume the oxygen in the TCM issues and inhibit the bioactivity of necessary enzymes in microorganisms (Duan et al.
2009), these species deposit their eggs on the host's cuticle, where the presence of sulfurous compounds may have a deterrent effect and inhibit oviposition.
Unlike its close cousin the cauliflower, Romanesco doesn't have a sulfurous taste; instead, its flavor is mild and gently sweet.
They can be little things, like the fragrance of rain rolling through mountain pines, the redolence of sagebrush crushed underfoot, the pungency of gun solvent, the sulfurous fumes of marsh muck, or the one that for me triggers the widest swath of emotions--the aroma of wet dog.
The spread between Dubai and Brent narrowed over the last three months as the European benchmark, a higher-quality crude, fell faster than heavier and more sulfurous Middle Eastern grades.
Christopher M Torrez's miniature porcelain Infection conjured the ruptured bliss of an Eden dragged down from idyllic daydreams by the weight of a sulfurous pool of glaze, a toxic pond of unnatural waters lying like a lesion on the body of the earth and implicitly indicting human impact on the environment.
Visible emissions from plant exhaust, predominantly from sulfurous compounds and particulate, often justified the installation of improved fabric filters and bag houses.
Though Ahmadinejad continues his sulfurous, anti-Israel rhetoric, over the past year he has been, in Iranian terms, an advocate of engagement with the West.
Kamloops: its sulfurous smell; its dust, highways, bars; the Kamloops Indian Reserve (Number One) and the historic residential school (closed in 1978) across the Thompson River; the freight cars on the CN and CP lines that run back and forth here, exchanging coal and grain for containers of manufactured goods made in the far east.