sulfur trioxide

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sul·fur tri·ox·ide

SO3; forms sulfuric acid, H2SO4, by its reaction with water.
Synonym(s): sulfuric oxide
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The polymerization of sulfur trioxide gives rise to three solid polymeric modifications (Scheme 7) (24).
Coalition uses 10-20% sulfur trioxide gas, recycles the unused portion, and neutralizes with calcium, which becomes incorporated into the sulfonated surface.
A small electrical current is applied to the cell, setting off a series of electrochemical reactions and causing the sulfur trioxide to travel from the top of the cell, through the electrolytic membrane that comprises the middle layer, and down to the anode at the bottom of the sandwich.
Bi)sulfite can be oxidized by peroxidases to form the very reactive sulfur trioxide anion radical (*S[O.
This leading edge technology will help Xcel Energy meet or exceed its NOx reduction requirements, while keeping sulfur trioxide (SO3) emissions low.
The approach involves combining URS successful SBS Injection sorbent injection technology for sulfur trioxide (SO3) control with the proven air preheater technology of LJUNGSTROM.