sulfur mustard

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mus·tard gas (HD),

a poisonous vesicating gas introduced in World War I; it is the progenitor of the so-called nitrogen mustards; used in chemical warfare; a known carcinogen.
Synonym(s): di, mustard (2) , sulfur mustard

sul·fur mustard

(sŭl'fŭr mŭs'tărd)
A vesicating chemical-warfare agent used extensively in World War I (1914-1918) and thereafter and sometimes called "mustard gas," a misnomer because it does not boil until 217°C (423°F). The NATO code for the impure sulfur mustard prepared by the Löwenstein process used in World War I is H; the NATO code for neat, or distilled, sulfur mustard is HD.


an irritant compound derived from the dried ripe seed of Brassica (Sinapis) alba, B. nigra or B. juncea. Contains toxic allyl isothiocyanate in nontoxic glycoside form, though the plant also contains myrosinase, an enzyme that converts the glycoside to the toxic form. Used as a carminative, emetic and counterirritant in poultices.

mustard gas
one of several gases used in military activities, e.g. dichlorodiethylsulfide. Causes vesication of skin, blindness due to corneal damage, and pulmonary edema if inhaled.
mustard greens
green foliage of several mustard-type plants, used in salads.
mustard oil
present in high concentrations in mustard plants and causes acute indigestion in animals.
mustard oil glucosinolates
toxic oil glucosinolates found in plants.
sulfur mustard
a synthetic compound with vesicant and other toxic properties.
tansy mustard
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If the Islamic State were to organize a chemical attack in a Western city, the logistical challenges of transporting CW manufactured in Iraq and Syria and the generally low level of expertise the group has demonstrated suggest that an attack using widely available toxins or industrial chemicals would be far more likely than the use of blister or nerve agents like sulfur mustard or sarin.
All individuals with ocular exposure to sulfur mustard should be counseled to notify their eye care professional and other healthcare providers about their exposure history.
Sulfur mustard induces apoptosis and necrosis in endothelial cells.
The clinical and pathologic effects of the nitrogen and sulfur mustards in laboratory animals.
Observers have repeatedly alleged ISIS has used chemical weapons, and the Pentagon has confirmed the extremists have deployed chlorine and sulfur mustard devices.
It also determined there was sufficient information to conclude that Daesh was the "only entity with the ability, capability, motive and the means to use sulfur mustard gas in Marea on Aug.
The US army detected sulfur mustard on the fragments provided to them by the Kurdish fighters, Brigadier General Kevin Killea told reports in Pentagon on Friday.
The Defense Department said last month that Syria gave up the last of its stockpiles in June and that a team of experts aboard the Cape Ray was busy neutralizing stocks of methylphosphonyl difluoride, which is used to make sarin, and sulfur mustard in the eastern Mediterranean.
13) The majority of the Iran-Iraq war victims subjected to sulfur mustard (SM) chemical gas attacks, suffer from chronic pulmonary complications (14) where pulmonary complication is one of the most important impediments of chemical gases specially SM.
But it has been estimated by the French government that it includes more than 1,000 tons of chemical agents, including sulfur mustard, VX and sarin gas.
More than seven percent of the Army's chemical and munitions stockpile is at ANAD, including rockets, artillery shells, mortars, land mines, ton containers (for storing bulk supplies of agent), nerve agents sarin (GB) and VX, and sulfur mustard blister agents (H, HD, and HT).