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Addition of sulfate groups as esters to preexisting molecules.


Addition of sulfate groups as esters to preexisting molecules.
Synonym(s): sulphation.


n a phase-II detoxification pathway that occurs in the liver and in which compounds that contain sulfur combine with components to remove them from the body.
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Using Infra-Red spectroscopy, the FluidScan determines key lubricant condition parameters like TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, soot, glycol, water and additive depletion in less than one minute.
The main thermal effects are related to the decomposition of oil shale calcite and dolomite, FeS2 oxidation, and sulfation of CaO.
coli is generally not suitable for the expression of proteins that contain a high level of disulfide connectivity or proteins that require post-translational modifications such as glycosylation proline cis/trans isomerization disulfide isomerization lipidation sulfation or phosphorylation (Daly and Hearn 2005; Macauley-Patrick et al.
The device features lugs that connect directly to the battery terminals to prevent battery problems, or failure, due to sulfation build up.
After sulfation and regeneration, the promoted catalysts showed more or less decreased the N[O.
For example, sulfation is the major metabolic pathway in infancy versus glucouridation in older children.
In this process, called sulfation, the amino acids acquire a sulfur atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms.
It has long been known that tumor-derived Tg lacks iodination, is poorly glycosylated and shows reduced sulfation of chondrotin sulfate (97-102).
Most of the failures are due to low charge causes sulfation and acid stratification.
Sulfation of 17(3-estradiol (E2) by human estrogen sulfotransferase (SULT1E1) results in loss of binding to the estrogen receptor as well as increased availability for renal excretion, thereby effectively regulating the concentration of E2 (Falany 1997).