suicide cluster

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a group of similar objects, events, or other elements in close proximity.
suicide cluster a group of suicides in which one seems to set off others.
A chain of completed suicides, usually among adolescents, in a discrete period of time and area, which have a ‘contagious’ element

homicide/suicide cluster

Forensic psychiatry One or more homicides with the subsequent suicide of the perpetrator who typically is a ♂ married to, or living with, a ♀ in a relationship marked by physical abuse, who has a Hx of alcohol or substance abuse, and access to firearms. See Homicide, Suicide. Cf Postal worker syndrome.

suicide cluster

An epidemic of suicides, within a defined location or a short time.
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ATLANTA -- A landmark study of newspaper coverage of suicides provides empirical support for media guidelines aimed at minimizing the likelihood of suicide clusters among college students.
Editorial Note: Although suicide clusters have been studied previously (1,2), understanding of the epidemiology of suicide clusters and attempts, and potential risk factors, is limited.
The way suicide clusters in some First Nationstmeans that it should be viewed as a contagion, he said.
Bhutanese refugee community leaders who act as a liaison between community members and service providers) into existing mental health services to promote language and cultural access for refugees; 3) engage the suicide prevention coordinator in each state to facilitate linkages between refugee communities/resettlement networks and suicide prevention services; and 4) follow the CDC Recommendations for a Community Plan for the Prevention and Containment of Suicide Clusters and Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide (9) when there is a cluster of suicides in a community.
Mainstreaming' also potentially neglects unique aspects of Aboriginal suicidal behaviour that need to be addressed, including the lower age of Indigenous suicides, the frequency of suicide clusters, the association with complex patterns of community grief, the overwhelming predominance of alcohol, and the use of hanging (Tatz 1999).
Lynch, a US psychologist, believes anorexia "epidemics" operate in the same manner as suicide clusters, where one example of extreme behaviour spurs others to mimic it.
Intervention after a suicide--designed to help youth cope with the death or suicide of a peer and to prevent suicide clusters.