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pertaining to suicide or prone to suicide.


a. Considering or desiring to commit suicide.
b. Relating to suicide: a suicidal impulse.

su′i·cid′al·ly adv.


Etymology: L, sui, of oneself, caedere, to kill
of, relating to, or tending toward self-destruction.

Patient discussion about suicidal

Q. SUICIDE what is suicidal behavior/is it a psychiatric disorders?

A. Thank you also from me Lixurion. You make a huge difference in our lives.

Q. Should they still be having suicidal thoughts? Hi there, if someone who has been diagnosed as a rapid - cycling bipolar is on Epival, should they still be having suicidal thoughts and is there anything else that could be added in terms of medication to stabilize them?

A. Seek help right away when suicidal thoughts begin to creep in. It is important to pay attention to them right at the beginning and seek help right away so they dont get too bad. Like the others said there are a lot of medications that can be very helpful. My partner is also a rapid cycler and is on and antidepressant, a mood stabilizer, an anti psychotic and an anti anxiety medication which is working well/ However like the rest she needs enough sleep and enough excercise to keep her stable

Q. How do I know if someone’s planning to commit suicide? A guy I know is acting weird lately…saying some scary stuff about dying. How can I know he is not joking? And how can I stop him?

A. it shouldn't be your goal to stop him or prevent him as you say. you can't be with this individual 24/7.. if you are there for him and give him your ear to listen it will go much farther to prevent him than nething else you could do. as we learn in the psych field a very simple, effective way to discern suicidal intent is to talk w/ them and in the course of the conversation look right at them and say "it sounds like you're thinking about killing yourself". don't hesitate to call a healthcare professional to explain the situation. you don't have to give your name or his name for them to give u advice

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The so-called Wilayat Barrqa (Cyrenaica Provence) a part of the Islamic State said two of its people carried the suicidal attacks that targeted Haftar's security headquarters in the eastern region were they killed and wounded tens of individuals.
Would the focus be awareness of suicidal symbols that could be mistaken for racist symbols or identifying and reporting incidences of racism and mental illness in the federal workplace?
In addition, protocols addressing the assessment and treatment of patients who become suicidal provided information about developing a suicide prevention guideline.
TD Dan Neville, who backed her calls said: "Elber is working to bring attention to the fact that at present very few gardai in Ireland are trained in how to deal with a suicidal person, not to mention a suicidal driver.
We hope that teachers, parents, counselors, researchers and teenagers become aware of the profound impact being exposed to suicidal behavior has," Abrutyn said.
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About 19 percent of the sample reported experiencing suicidal feelings, compared to about 14 percent among a representative sample of Canadian adolescents of about the same age.
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