sugar of milk

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sugar of milk



a sweet carbohydrate of both animal and vegetable origin, the two principal groups of which are the disaccharides and the monosaccharides. Unless qualified, e.g. fruit sugar, milk sugar, usually refers to sucrose.

sugar beet
see betavulgaris.
sugar beet pulp
see beet pulp.
sugar beet tops
see betavulgaris.
sugar cane
as such is not fed but molasses and the pith, bagasse, are fed (Camola is a feed composed of 4 parts pith and 10 parts molasses). Sugar cane may contain sufficient cyanogenetic glycoside to cause poisoning if the appropriate enzyme is also supplied.
sugar fecal centrifugation
using Sheather's solution; standard procedure for examination of feces for parasite eggs.
sugar gum
invert sugar
a sugar obtained by hydrolyzing sucrose; a mixture of glucose and fructose. Called invert sugar because sucrose is dextrorotary—the mixture is levorotary. Used as a parenteral nutrient. Called also invertose.
sugar of lead
lead acetate, used in the preparation of white lotion. Occurs naturally on weathered paintwork and is attractive and poisonous to animals.
sugar of milk
see lactose.