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Appropriating mass print cultural forms for the suffrage movement disaggregated the female body from the message, even as the body was an integral part of the spectacle that drew audience's attention, participation, and dialogue.
The Basic Law, Hong Kong's mini-constitution in effect since the former British colony's return to Chinese rule in 1997, stipulates that Hong Kong, run under a separate political system from China, will have elections by universal suffrage but without setting a date, until the NPC's Standing Committee made the decision.
The trouble began with the infamous Victoria Woodhull and her sister Tennessee Claflin, notorious spiritualists, quack healers, suffrage reformers, and advocates of Free Love.
The decision on foreign suffrage depends on legislative policy.
woman suffrage primary material, I bring to light (in both the main text
The banner was used by the newly formed Cardiff and District Women's Suffrage Society at a mass demonstration in London to demand equal voting rights.
The suffrage campaign was, itself, founded by a petition signed by over 1,500 women, including leading activists Barbara Bodichon and Emily Davies.
She is currently completing her third history of women's suffrage in the United States, about the American women's campaigns for female suffrage 150 years ago.
Laura's early life bore the hallmarks of great Victorian drama; her father Henry Pochin a successful industrialist and radical Liberal, and her mother Agnes Heap a pioneer of Women's Suffrage.
The Dumfries Women's History Group, which meets each month in Ewart Library, have researched suffrage movement and turned findings into an exhibition which was launched at Dumfries Museum this week.
In 1896, she joined the non-militant Liverpool Women's Suffrage Society (LWSS) and the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.
The Act abolished all property qualifications for men and gave the vote to women over 30 who met certain property qualifications, but we had to wait until 1928 for full universal suffrage.