subthalamic nucleus

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sub·tha·lam·ic nu·cle·us

a circumscript nucleus, shaped like a biconvex lens, located in the ventral part of the subthalamus on the dorsal surface of the peduncular part of the internal capsule immediately rostral to the substantia nigra. The nucleus receives a massive topographic projection from the lateral segment of the globus pallidus and a somatopically organized projection from the ipsilateral motor cortex; a smaller bundle of afferents from the centromedian nucleus of the thalamus terminates in the rostral part of the nucleus The subthalamic nucleus projects to both pallidal segments, to the pars reticulata of the substantia nigra, and in a small way to the ipsilateral pedunculopontine nucleus.

subthalamic nucleus

a biconvex mass of gray matter on the medial side of the junction of the internal capsule and the crus cerebri. Its chief connections are with the globus pallidus.

subthalamic nucleus

A basal ganglia nucleus that is found under the thalamus in the base of the diencephalon; it lies between the thalamus and the cerebral peduncle, just rostral to the substantia nigra. The subthalamic nucleus is a satellite of the globus pallidus with which it has reciprocal connections. Lesions of the subthalamic nucleus on one side of the brain produce hemiballismus.
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Jules B., French physician, 1828-1897.
centre médian de Luys - Synonym(s): centromedian nucleus
corpus luysi - Synonym(s): subthalamic nucleus
Luys body - Synonym(s): subthalamic nucleus
Luys body syndrome
nucleus of Luys - Synonym(s): subthalamic nucleus
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