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Any layer or stratum lying beneath another.
[L. see substrate]


(sŭb′strā′təm, -străt′əm)
n. pl. sub·strata (-strā′tə, -străt′ə) or sub·stratums
Biology A substrate.

sub·stra′tive adj.


Etymology: L, sub + stratum, layer
any underlying layer; a foundation.


, substratum (sub'strat) (sub-stra'tum) [L. substratum, to lie under]
1. An underlying layer or foundation.
2. A base, as of a pigment.
3. The substance acted upon, as by an enzyme. See: enzyme
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Substratum Group provides walkway management products and services.
The substratum influence of Etruscan and especially Sabellian on southern Italo-Romance has been amply discussed in the literature and includes not only lexical and phonological traits but also morphological patterns; to mention one salient example, one of the accepted explanations for the southern Italian tt-Perfect (stetti, detti etc.
Effects of substratum on the recruitment and development of an intertidal estuarine fouling assemblage.
Amongst the myriad observations on the influence of substratum surface topography on cell behavior, intracellular signal transduction has received relatively little attention in comparison with adhesion, morphology, alignment and cytoskeletal organization [9].
This distribution extremely homogeneous of periphyton and its interaction with natural substrata, coupled to the need to standardize the community development time and the substratum nature, have motivated the use of artificial substrata.
siliqua using fine-to-middle-grain sand with low organic content and without substratum in 0.
These by-products could be a sustainable alternate method to reduce environmental pollution and aggregate value as components of a substratum for A.
For the lower class category, the "lowest" substratum (A) has been labeled (in decreasing order of frequency) poor, impoverished, or underclass; the higher of the lower class subcategories (B) has been labeled working class or working poor.
d], and it is seen that it depends upon chloride concentration when substratum chloride concentration is 200 mg/l, [k.
In regards to nutritional aspects, substratum fertilization is among the most important stages in tree species seedlings production programs (Neto et al.
Exposition: The ultimate substratum of all Truth is veiled by the golden dazzle of the Sun and the structure and limitations of the solar system.