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We discovered a submolecular interaction network that could potentially connect pesticide exposure to the disease and highlighted 21 genes that could be further investigated for a) differential expression in susceptible cohorts, b) polymorphisms that may predispose individuals to disease outcomes, or c) exposure-related epigenetic modifications that may influence exposure outcomes.
Here, nanotechnology refers to materials and substances that are constructed using processes to arrange particles of under 100 nanometers in size with submolecular precision, for which the important properties of the materials are governed largely by intermolecular (that is, van der Waals) forces.
Current advances in our ability to process data or to work with materials at a submolecular level could easily result in scientific advances that are difficult to anticipate.
Due to numerous investigations it was determined that the boundary layers of the polar fluids, being in a medium of the surface forces action, have specific mechanical properties in comparison with these fluids properties in bulk, that is due to their different submolecular structure.
que buscam se desviar da sobrecodificacao totalizadora das linhas segmentares e as linhas de fuga (abstratas) que, compondo um plano submolecular, conectam-nos com o desconhecido, operando aberturas para um campo de multiplicidades.
29-32) Water can upregulate nutrient uptake, dramatically improve microbiome nourishment via fermentative actions, provide crisis-free detoxification, and enhance electron transfer functions to reduce oxidative stress in the submolecular realm (where homeopathy has already shown us powerful methodologies to control and regulate biochemical reactions).
Deleuze explica que, asi como los estratos fisico-quimicos no agotan la materia, pues hay una materia submolecular, y los estratos antropomorficos no agotan lo humano, pues son desbordados por devenires no humanos, tampoco los estratos organicos agotan la vida.
We look into it as if we could actually find, on the intricate surfaces of Kuraoka's lissome forms, the submolecular structures that make up the works at their most elemental level.
La estructura submolecular de la enzima, la distribucion de carga electrostatica, interacciones de solventes inter e intramoleculares, y las interacciones hidrodinamicas, pueden afectar tanto la difusion del O2-como su asociacion con la enzima.
This approach works well down to near molecular level, but breaks down below the molecular to submolecular level.
Generation and scavenging of reactive oxygen species in chloroplasts: a submolecular approach.
At the molecular and submolecular levels, this identity becomes even more apparent, as evidenced by one electron being identical to another.