subjective sensation

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an impression produced by impulses conveyed by an afferent nerve to the sensorium.
girdle sensation zonesthesia.
gnostic s's sensations perceived by the more recently developed senses, such as those of light touch and the epicritic sensibility to muscle, joint, and tendon vibrations.
primary sensation that resulting immediately and directly from application of a stimulus.
referred sensation (reflex sensation) one felt elsewhere than at the site of application of a stimulus.
subjective sensation one originating with the organism and not occurring in response to an external stimulus.

subjective sensation

a feeling or impression that is not associated with or does not directly result from any external stimulus. See also sensation, def. 1.

sub·jec·tive sen·sa·tion

(sŭb-jek'tiv sen-sā'shŭn)
A sensation not readily referable to a denotably verifiable stimulus.

subjective sensation

A sensation that does not result from any external stimulus and is perceptible only by the subject. Synonym: internal sensation
See also: sensation
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Subjective assessment for the visual security of the cipher-images can be influenced by the measuring environment and subjective sensation.
As a result, the subjective sensation couldn't be directly and literally included as part of science.
Dyspnea is a potentially debilitating subjective sensation that is poorly understood.
Dyspnea--a subjective sensation of difficulty breathing--is experienced by 70% of patients in the last 6 weeks of life, he said at the annual meeting of the Society of Hospital Medicine.

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