subcutaneous fat

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sub·cu·ta·ne·ous fat

(sŭb-kyū-tā'nē-ŭs fat)
Fat that is stored directly under the skin. Women have a higher percentage of this fat than men.

subcutaneous fat

A layer of fat that lies just beneath the skin. It differs from visceral fat in that it has fewer adverse effects on glucose metabolism.
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Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn following hypothermia and complicated by pain and hypercalcaemia.
It seems that it is a transitory immune reaction, probably provoked by repetitive injection of insulin in the same site with fat necrosis and massive macrophage activation that result in subcutaneous fat atrophy.
On T1-weighted images, the mass was minimally hypointense to adjacent subcutaneous fat (Fig.
Neurofibromatosis may be difficult to differentiate but proliferation of the subcutaneous fat and bony overgrowth in certain nerve territories are characteristic only of macrodystrophia lipomatosa (1,3).
Emerging results on adipose tissue cellularity seem to challenge the interpretation of association studies on the role of visceral versus subcutaneous fat mass in insulin resistance and metabolic risk for cardiovascular disease.
By comparison, rather than possessing numerous beta adrenoreceptors, which are responsive to dieting, subcutaneous fat cells are primarily studded with alpha-2 adrenoreceptors.
Commercial dressing percentage and subcutaneous fat thickness, however, were related quadratically (P<0.
Conclusion MRI findings of interruption and infiltration of the subcutaneous fat in leprosy patients with uncomplicated neuropathic feet do not necessarily have any clinical implication for the development of future foot problems.
Therefore, the purpose of the present investigation was to study the relationship between skin thickness, subcutaneous fat thickness in people with diabetes and in older, younger and overweight people.
BARCELONA -- Combining waist circumference with fasting triglyceride measurements can help physicians tell whether their patients are carrying visceral fat--which increases diabetes risk--or subcutaneous fat, which does not, Dr.
As a result, the muscle thickness of the subjects stays almost the same but the subcutaneous fat thickness was substantially reduced.
The hMADS cells are human multipotent stem cells obtained from the subcutaneous fat or adipose tissue of young donors.

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