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Lying ventral to the anterior or posterior cardinal veins in the embryo.
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It involves a complex process comprising 3-pairs of embryogenic veins: posterior cardinal (iliac and confluent), subcardinal (renal and hepatic) and supracardinal (prerenal).
The supra-renal segment develops from the right subcardinal vein and the infra-renal segment develops from the right supracardinal vein.
During early embryogenesis, the posterior supracardinal and more anterior subcardinal veins are formed.
7) It is postulated that the subcardinal and supracardinal system form extensive anastomotic channels at the level of the renal vein and that the persistence of one of these midline anastomoses could result in pelviureteric junction obstruction; however, the occurrence of these anomalies in a case of CDH has not been reported before.