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pref prefix signifying under, beneath, deficient, near, or almost.


[L.] preposition, under.

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Q. Could there be an underlying problem if you have frequent headaches? Sometimes i get a headache that lasts for days and it doesnt go away when i take medicine. Could this mean that something else is wrong?

A. Migraines, pituitary tumor, subluxations in the cervical vertebrae (means misaligned bones in ur neck), caffeine withdrawls, need glasses to see and you have eye strain, brain tumor, stroke, hypertension -- does that help?

Q. What causes cramps in, under and around the rib cage?

A. Im not really sure, but you may have IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS affects up to 55 million Americans, mostly women. IBS causes are unknown. IBS symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal cramps. There are IBS treatments such as diet and lifestyle changes and medications that can help. Do you have any of these symptoms? Almost everything that i found with rib cage pain said something about IBS. Not really sure if this is your problem, but I hope this helps.

Q. I have a reccurent ache just below my knee. what can it be? I am a 18 years old healthy guy. I never go to my physician, because i never need him, but in the past 4 month i recognized a strange pain just under my knee. The area is tender to palpation and the pain excruciate during walking and running. What can it be? What can I do to prevent it? P.S. I play collage basketball and this pain ruins my games...

A. Hi mate.
I am a 21 collage student and i play soccer.
It sure sounds like something i suffered from. Go see your GP and don't worry. if it is what i had he will probably tell you that
you can take any NSAID you want, and if you will give yourself a break from competitive sport for a month or so you will be just like new :)

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For districts unable to offer a separate training program--such as Capistrano, which lost funding for its How to Be a Super Sub session, developed last year--subs can often attend staff development workshops with permanent teachers.
Administrators: How will you help me avoid being the object of a Sink the Sub game?
Having emergency lessons ready is particularly helpful in heading off "early finishers, those most likely to play Sink the Sub," Haas says.
After examining feedback from Capistrano's Super Sub session, one thing was clear to Chief Personnel Officer Suzette Lovely: Subs wanted more classroom management training.
Requesting feedback after sub training is the norm, as districts with these programs strive to make them better.
Richland One, which is located in an area with many military families, has still managed to reach a sub retention rate of at least 50 percent, says Sullivan.
i])/i [member of] I} is pairwise semi open cover for Y and has a finite pairwise semi open sub cover.
j]) is said to be (i,j) semi Lindeloff if each (i,j)semi open cover has a countable semi open sub cover and (X, [[tau].
j]) contains a countable sub collection covering (X, [[tau].
Thus U is a countable sub collection of U which covers X with respect to [[tau].
i]/i [memberof] I} [union] {X - A} is an (i, j) semi open cover of X, which implies U' admits countable sub cover which in turn gives countable ([i.
i]/i [member of] I} will have a countable sub cover which in turn becomes countable open cover for (X, [[tau].