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To speak dysfluently; to enunciate certain words with difficulty and with frequent halting and repetition of the initial consonant of a word or syllable.
[frequentative of stut, from Goth. stautan, to strike]


intr. & tr.v. stut·tered, stut·tering, stut·ters
To speak or utter with a spasmodic repetition or prolongation of sounds.
The act or habit of stuttering.

stut′ter·er n.
stut′ter·ing·ly adv.
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Maybe, but while rookie Coleman has injected massive team spirit back into his club lifting it to untold heights, United are only just beginning to succeed at catch-up after a stutteringly awful start to the season.
The inclusion of these dialogues in the phrase book demonstrates that interactions with White women were important for the financial survival of numbers of Chinese men in Australia, for whom speaking some English, however poorly or stutteringly, meant the ability to make a living.
The blitz left Sharks reeling with no hope of recovery against a Gloucester unit which had begun stutteringly but looked awesome by the final quarter.
Last term, Harriers began sluggishly, enjoyed a thrilling run through the autumn and New Year but then, amid the trauma following the departures of chairman Lionel Newton and manager Jan Molby, they crept, stutteringly, to within five points off the play-offs zone at the end of the season.
Saulmondy summons courage to stutteringly speak, "You, you want go live mainland, true?