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To speak dysfluently; to enunciate certain words with difficulty and with frequent halting and repetition of the initial consonant of a word or syllable.
[frequentative of stut, from Goth. stautan, to strike]


intr. & tr.v. stut·tered, stut·tering, stut·ters
To speak or utter with a spasmodic repetition or prolongation of sounds.
The act or habit of stuttering.

stut′ter·er n.
stut′ter·ing·ly adv.
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Where we generally assume that the stutterer at least knows what he cannot get out, Browning's "metaphysical" formulations cannot be expressed because they have no shared linguistic basis whatsoever.
RTs for correct responses and error rates were analyzed according to the three factor design previously mentioned: Group (between-participants but within-items: stutterers vs non-stutterers), Word Frequency (WF: high vs low) and First Syllable Frequency (SF: high vs low), the last two being within-participants but between-items factors.
Stutterers are given devices that can help them speak more softly and slowly, using articulation and focusing on the syllables.
Effects of sex of listener and of stutterer on ratings of stuttering speakers.
He added: "All the stutterers throughout the world, we have a voice, we have been heard, thanks to you, the Academy.
He also came to realize that reciting in unison also gives stutterers a reprieve.
WARREN Gatland has ordered his Wales Six Nations stutterers to take out their frustrations on Scotland.
The centre's opening comes at the same time an Oscar-bound British historical drama The King's Speech has been inspiring stutterers and raising public awareness of speech disorders like nothing else before it.
This tradition may have come from Ukraine, where Jews had fun making fun of stutterers and doubletalkers and missteppers.
It's often been observed that stutterers, who cannot speak without hesitation, are able to sing smoothly and with ease.
Where are the mythological races of albinos, or stutterers, or twins, or left-handed people, or idiot savants?
Participants were three stutterers who applied to the Psychological Counseling Center at Nigde University Faculty of Education.