student nurse

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stu·dent nurse (SN),

a student in a program leading to certification in a form of nursing; usually applied to students in an RN or practical nurse program.

stu·dent nurse

(SN) (stū'dĕnt nŭrs)
A student matriculated in a nursing program; may be diploma, associate degree, baccalaureate, or master's program.
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A Unison survey conducted last year showed that nine out of 10 (91%) student nurses would not have applied for the nursing degree without access to the bursary which the Government intends to scrap next year.
This is because there was a limit on student nurses when they were funded by the Government.
When student nurses are subjected to bullying by nurses in practice, they are more apt to emulate the behaviors and engage in bullying activities themselves.
It is common practice for student nurses to seek employment (for example, during the summer period).
That's the same amount of time that I spent in a clinical practice when I was a student nurse in the 1970s.
Mark Gaudet has been actively involved in several student nurse organizations, and took on the role of organizing and overseeing the establishment of the university's AAMN Chapter.
During this time the student nurse was able to work alongside nursing, medical and allied health professions within the perioperative environment.
As a second year student nurse I was not allowed into these units and thus they remained a mystery to me during my nurse training.
Student nurse Luc Taperell is having to work two jobs to make ends meet
In my opinion, it is not a task that should be delegated to a student nurse.
Student Nurse Access to ANA Member-only Information: Student nurses do have free access to ANA Member-Only information.
Student nurse learning within a clinical environment is an essential component of Bachelor of Nursing curricula in New Zealand.

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