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Stromatic; relating to the stroma of an organ or other structure.
Synonym(s): stromic


Stromatic; relating to the stroma of an organ or other structure.


(strō′mă) plural.stromata [Gr., bed covering]
1. Foundation-supporting tissues of an organ. The opposite of parenchyma.
2. The membranous lipid-protein framework within a red blood cell to which hemoglobin molecules are attached.
stromalstromatic, adjective


A type of tissue that is associated with the support of an organ.
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The stromal portion was highlighted by estrogen and progesterone receptor immunohistochemical stains.
The company has identified a distinct population of bone marrow-derived stromal cells that, when placed in an area of injury, elaborate many pro-healing and anti-inflammatory factors in the area around them.
Fine needle aspiration cytology in sclerosing stromal tumor of the ovary: A series of three cases.
Histologically, a phyllodes tumour of the prostate is characterized by a distinctive biphasic pattern with hyperplastic epithelium-lined cysts, leaf-like intraluminal and epithelium-lined stromal projections, compressed and elongated slit-like epithelium-lined spaces, and variable cellular spindle cell stromas.
Considered separately, the epithelial component could not be explained by a developmental cyst or reduplication as an associated smooth muscle component was not seen; and the stromal elements did not fit with any of the recognised gastrointestinal mesenchymal tumours.
This is in part due to the fact that gastrointestinal stromal tumors in NF1 are part of the clinical spectrum of neurofibromatosis itself.
Glivec(R) has been approved in the UK for the treatment of patients with the gastrointestinal cancer, KIT (CD117)-positive gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST), who have had surgery to remove their cancer and are at significant risk of the cancer returning.
Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved imatinib for the post-surgery treatment of adult patients following complete surgical removal of so-called "Kit (CD117)-positive" gastrointestinal stromal tumors, accoring to a Novartis statement.
Based on these findings, the researchers proposed that patients with stromal 2 genetic signatures may benefit from antiangiogenic drugs, such as bevacizumab, whereas other patients may see little benefit from these agents.
Stromal cells (from the prostate) were also responsive to saposin C-mediated signals in a manner typical of growth promoting compounds.
Imatinib also treats a rare stomach cancer called gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
Pathologic examination revealed it to be a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) that had originated in the stomach and was positive in the antibody study for VIM, CD 34, and CD 117 (kit protein).