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BOPA reporter Anastacia Sibanda caught up with a cardiologist at Cardiac Clinic, Professor Kiran Bhagat to chat about stroke.
More information on World Stroke Day is available at http:// www.
Fortunately, the prospects for preventing and treating stroke are far better today than even five years ago.
Men and women both are reported to have similar proneness toward ICH and ischemic strokes due to smoking8.
There are some key components of primary stroke centers that appear to make a big difference.
Having any stroke-like symptom was as predictive for future stroke as diabetes or atrial fibrillation.
Primary prevention is particularly important because more than 70% of strokes are first events (AHA, 2007; Brownstein et al.
CIMT should be considered as a valuable form of rehabilitation for stroke patients who have lost arm function," Wolf says.
The main purpose of this second Phase IIa study is to obtain initial safety information in the acute stroke patient population, and to demonstrate the ability of microplasmin to efficiently dissolve the blood clot and restore blood flow to the brain.
In a small classroom at Kaiser Permanente's Woodland Hills hospital, four stroke patients sit with white restraining mitts covering one hand while they attempt simple tasks with the opposite hand.