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Pertaining to the illusion of motion, retarded or accelerated, produced by visual images observed intermittently in rapid succession.
[G. strobos, a twisting around, fr. strephō, to twist, + skopeō, to view]
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Because of these limitations that are based in the technology of strobovideolaryngoscopy, stroboscopic examination of some voice problems is troublesome.
And the admission request message is broadcasted in the way of stroboscopic preamble.
In contrast to classical stroboscopes, the RCD running in a stroboscopic mode will imply that within the time interval between t = kT and t = (k + 1)T, a specific reconstructive inverse problem is solved, and its solution is "displayed" on the recording device (that can be understood literally, for example, a tomogram of a "dynamic object" with a given depth is displayed on the screen).
Considering the small number of interrogated clinicians, the study reveals a relatively low accuracy of intraoperative assessment of biopsy and excision biopsy in particular for patients with similar suspicious laryngeal lesions and when medical history, stroboscopic findings, and tactile feedback are not presented.
A stroboscopic system in terms of astronomical observations will periodically capture a timed fraction of the emission by means of a synchronizing shutter in front of the CCD.
Lucy, DJ/producer and founder of Stroboscopic Artefacts, is on the bill alongside Rrose, a newcomer to playing the circuits in Scotland.
During the intervention, stroboscopic effects were used, which are said to potentially evoke cramp attacks in few cases under certain conditions.
The aroma of boiling noodles and sizzling stir-fry wafting out from the bustling kitchens conspires with the din of traffic and stroboscopic radiation of thousands of ruby-tinged lights to short circuit the brain's olfactory, auditory and visual processing centers.
Flicker Parameters for Reducing Stroboscopic Effects from Solid-State Lighting Systems, which addresses the issue of LED light source flicker.
A woman (choreographer and principal dancer Anne Gough) appears, back to the camera, her stroboscopic movement playing out in time to the soundtrack.
Washington, July 24 ( ANI ): Stroboscopic training, performing a physical activity while using eyewear that simulates a strobe-like experience, has been found to increase visual short-term memory retention, and the effects lasted 24 hours, according to a Duke University study.