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Much of the book recounts how besieged Brewer has been by the stridency of the opposition to each of the measures Arizona has adopted.
Congressional Republicans may not be waging a "war on women," as Democrats have alleged with a stridency that leaves no doubt that a presidential campaign is upon us.
Recalling that long-ago meeting of our reading group, I recognized with dismay the same sort of behaviour when it reared its head here--snide putdowns of bishops and clergy and other lay figures (none of them present, of course) who do not share Voris' (and their) stridency of conviction and willingness to speak up.
These colors reappeared with still greater stridency in Les Halles (Tricolorej, one of the show's two sculptures, in which Fassler's miniaturized replica of parts of this run-down housing, shopping, and transit complex crowned two fictitious monumental towers painted in the national colors.
Instead, they have followed the path of expedience, their positions depending on the relative clout and stridency of their societies' Jewish or Arab communities, and on urging from Washington or from the so-called ALBA bloc of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
I know he feels a need to avoid stridency when speaking to Rome's misdeeds, but this piece is whitewashing.
Such stridency has only served to deepen the partisan divide.
China's new stridency underscores Asia's central diplomatic challenge: coming to terms with existing boundaries by shedding the baggage of history that burdens all of the region's important inter-state relationships.
Kirk Eichelberger (Emperor/Second Shadow) lent a well-focused bass and, some stridency aside, mezzo Nancy Maultsby (First Shadow/ Tea Ritualist/Lu) made a sound OCP debut.
All the earlier breast-beating, drum-banging and stridency of those who objected to the reinstatement of Mr Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons was reduced to a few stifled and strangulated cries of "no" when the Father of the House Sir Peter Tapsell invited MPs to support, or otherwise, his re-election.
He was better suited to the stridency and authoritarianism of the German language.
Given the masculine stridency and apparent ubiquity of such stories, it's easy to appreciate how they must have contributed to Hemingway's popular reputation for hypermasculinity and misogyny.