stress hardiness

stress hardiness,

n mindset exhibited by an individual that makes him or her resistant to the negative impacts of stressful circumstances and events. Three attitudes are associated with this concept: control, challenge and commitment. See also control, challenge, and commitment.
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Mind-Body Exercises for Stress Hardiness Optimization: for Military Personnel, Early Responders, and Others Engaged in Intense Work Situations.
To promote stress hardiness for physicians, we would be wise to heed the warning issued long ago by Jack McCue, MD: It is time to put an end to the "conspiracy of silence, that physicians and their loved ones tend to perpetuate with their lack of open support of each other in the struggles that they encounter as individuals, couples, and families.
Rather, such meetings should incorporate concurrent sessions that provide training on how loved ones can manage themselves and the teamwork within their family in order to preserve stress hardiness for all concerned.
6,14] In large part, this model was derived from our study of approximately 450 physicians and their loved ones and from the stress hardiness literature.