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Application of numerical systematics in unraveling Streptomycete diversity.
Hainanmycin is an ionophore from one of the fermentation products of a rare streptomycete, Streptomyces padanus var dangfangeus, which is isolated from soil samples collected in Hainan province of China.
He feels although this century's first decade of genome sequence study has not yet had a huge impact on understanding of streptomycete ecology, the future will see molecular genetics supplanting classical genetic analysis, leading to enhanced ability to synthesize antibiotics.
The results suggest that strains were Streptomycete and strongly related to S.
Taxonomy of the producing streptomycete and isolation of the active principle.
The genus Streptomycete is responsible for the formation of more than 60% of known antibiotics [7].
PCR amplification of the DNA with oligonucleotide primers specific for a region of streptomycete 16S rRNA gave a single amplicon (Figure 3B), which was sequenced and shown to be 16S closely related to that of Amycolatopsis coloradensis, the producer of avoparcin.
Studies on a new marine streptomycete BT-408 producing polyketide antibiotic SBR-22 effective against methicillin resistant<i> Staphylococcus aureus</i>.
reported results on a low molecular weight chemical originally isolated from a Streptomycete, and on two of a series of synthetic derivatives.
Killham K, Firestone MK (1984) Salt stress control of intracellular solutes in streptomycetes indigenous to saline soils.
Pyrrolnitrin from Burkholderia cepacia: antibiotic activity against fungi and novel activity against streptomycetes.
The three isolates E7, E13 and S25 grew on a range of agar media showing morphology typical of Streptomycetes.