strength testing

strength testing,

n assessment procedure to determine the contractile strength of a muscle.
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Zhukovsky (TsAGI) fatigue strength testing of Sukhoi Superjet 100 long range version was started to confirm the designed service life of the aircraft: 70 000 flight hours and 54 000 cycles.
This book is a practical resource in the assessment of joint range of motion (ROM) and muscle strength testing in both a clinical and classroom setting.
The combination of modern in-line inspection technology and strength testing creates a more in-depth record that defines specific pipeline characteristics, as well as the specific operating pressure of the natural gas pipeline.
com)-- Accredited tests include: medical device packaging testing (ISO 11607), accelerated ageing (ASTM F 1980), medical device package integrity testing (ASTM F 1929), medical device package strength testing (ASTM F 2054, ASTM F 1140, EN 868) and medical device package visual inspection (ASTM F 1886).
9; advances in rolling contact fatigue strength testing and related substitute technologies; select papers.
The vehicle earned the IIHS' top safety designation by earning scores of 'Good' in the institute's offset frontal impact, side impact, dynamic head restraint and roof strength testing.
Cleaning services can be combined where applicable with inline inspections, repair, strength testing and commissioning in preparation for re-introduction of hydrocarbons, providing a single source for equipment, experience and personnel.
5 million worth of material hardness and strength testing equipment, and $288.
The last chapter walks through JavaScript enhancements for pull-down menus, checkboxes, client-side validation, and password strength testing.
A jig for peel strength testing of laminated layers of standard plastic identification cards to international standards has been introduced by Lloyd Instruments.
Understanding the definitions of the types of muscle contractions is also important for strength testing.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 25, 2006 - (JCN) - Shimadzu Corporation has released an upgraded testing machine for use in the strength testing of materials such as resin, rubber and film, and the short stroke testing of small electronic parts, as well as for rheologic, medical and cosmetic tests.

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