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With the Streetwise titles joining Michelin's collection, it offers travelers comprehensive and accurate travel aids.
Chief executive of Streetwise Mandy Coppin said: "This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements of the past 25 years and give the young people of the North East a chance to let their hair down and enjoy some classic 90s tunes in a lively carnival atmosphere.
I just find it disappointing every time we win a game people put it down to us being streetwise.
Streetwise is powered by Answer Financial(R), an auto and home insurance agency in the U.
Streetwise Opera's work has dramatic impacts on its participants.
Bridget Rennie, co-executive director of Streetwise Opera, has heard all the questions before.
Streetwise Opera runs 11 opera programmes in homeless centres throughout England every week and will be moving into Wales for the first time through this programme.
Streetwise Opera runs 11 programmes in homeless centres throughout England and is bringing the scheme to Wales for the first time.
Dave Bowman reckons the Dundee United players will be more streetwise on the European stage after their last two Continental adventures.
In conjunction with the UK Streetwise Stunt School, the store is offering 10 lucky kids the chance to win a day learning and mastering skills on a course for budding superheroes.
After warning that it was in imminent danger of folding because of falling foundation support, StreetWise, the Chicago weekly sold by homeless people, announced Wednesday that it had received $200,000 in donations to continue publishing.
Beijing: Streetwise Guide" is a complete and comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to experience China without it turning into a massive mis-communication headache.