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Chemical skin permeation products enable drug to permeate through the skin, by enhancing drug diffusion making it to participate into domains of stratum corneum [1].
Variation of skin surface pH, sebum content and stratum corneum hydration with age and gender in a large Chinese population.
Contact Dermatitis: The Afro-Caribbeans are less susceptible to irritants; this difference is not detectable if the stratum corneum is removed.
aureus MRSA), where innate and adaptive immune responses are sufficiently abnormal, and the antibacterial function of the stratum corneum sufficiently compromised.
While the ineffectiveness of IFN-a in chronic stages of AD might be explained partly through its effect on the induction of LEKTI and inhibition of SPs expression, which slow down the desquamation of stratum corneum.
max] for 60 min was associated with a significant decrease in SIgA concentration and an increase in HBD-2 concentration, moisture content of the stratum corneum, and number of staphylococci on the skin surface.
DDA dissolved in the lipid domain of the solution can directly partition into the lipids of the stratum corneu or the lipid vesicle themselves can intercalate between the lipid chains of the stratum corneum, thereby destabilizing its bilayer structure.
The thickness of the skin and its component layers (epithelial layer, stratum corneum, dermis and hypodermis) was measured using a computerized light microscope (Nikon, AXIO-OEVT-35M, German) and spot basic software (USA).
Generation of free fatty acids from phospholipids regulates stratum corneum acidification and integrity.
Evans says previously researchers had proposed that the stratum corneum had a structure that was capable of expanding as it absorbed water.
The study found that when healthy volunteers applied the cream to their forearms daily for a period of four weeks, the thickness of the stratum corneum was reduced by more than 10%.
Keratin (dead, dense protein cells) makes up the stratum corneum or outer layer of the epidermis--the skin layer that can be seen and felt.

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