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v. stopped, stopping, stops
The depression between the muzzle and top of the skull of an animal, especially a dog.

stop′pa·ble adj.


Etymology: AS, stoppian, to stop
a consonantal speech sound produced by closing off the oral cavity and then releasing with a burst of air, such as an initial /p/. Also called plosive.


Abbreviation for:
Shunt Thrombotic Occlusion prevention by Picotamide 
selective tubal occlusion procedure (see there)


S/TOP, selective tubal occlusion procedure Gynecology A system for nonsurgical ♀ sterilization


1. In optics, an aperture generally round and of variable diameter placed in a screen and used to limit the field of view of a lens or optical system (field stop). It also limits stray light (light stop). Syn. stop; aperture-stop. 2. In anatomy, a dividing membrane.


n See rest.
stop, occlusal,


the steplike change in lateral profile of the face of dogs at the eyes, where the frontal bones meet the maxilla and nasal bones. It varies greatly between species, being most marked in brachycephalic breeds and barely detectable in Collies and Bull terriers.

Patient discussion about stop

Q. When should I stop? As part of my efforts to lose weight, I worked a lot about accepting myself – that less-than-perfect body is also an acceptable option. And now, after losing weight but not reaching my ideal weight, I have these doubts- Should I continue my efforts to lose weight, although I feel good about my self? What do you think?

A. I truly believe that if you are happy with your weight loss, even though you say you have not reached your ideal weight or goal, be proud of who you are and what you have acomplished. There is no such thing as the perfect body image, at least not as far as i'm concerned. I feel that you have to love yourself for what's on the inside because the outside always changes (i.e. age, loss of hair, teeth, etc...) I had gastric bypass in 2005 and lost 90 lbs. I still have not reached my goal of 125-127 lbs. where I used to be 10 years ago, but I love "who" I am today. I am 140 lbs. of fantastic and some days I look at me and feel different but feel blessed that I am healthy and alive...Hope this helps

Q. Is there a way stopping caries progress? I'm 17 and I've recently noticed I have chalky white spots on the back of two of my teeth at the bottom. I go to the dentist regularly (I have braces at the minute) and I'm assuming he's seen them but he hasn't mentioned them. I'm just curious as to weather caries are treatable? Is there anything my dentist can do to stop it progressing into something worse?

A. Caries starts by demineralization of the enamel. The enamel is the hardest material in our body. The bacteria gets the mineral out of it and it becomes weak. Start as white color and continues to a black unpleasant color as it progresses into the tooth. If you rinse your mouth often with fluoride and brush your teeth properly- it will stop the demineralization and the fluoride will take the place of other minerals in the enamel. This will stop the caries and the white spot will slowly becomes black. This is a good situation- it’ll be harder then before.

Q. What happens if I stop taking the lithium? The lithium do me bad. If I stop- everything will be o.k?

A. I know what you think- I’ll stop it and I’ll be back to normal life, the hypomania, work all the time, doing friends, getting things worked out. But it won’t happen. You’ll just find yourself at best sitting at home for months without cleaning, bathing and all that. at worse- well…scattered all over..

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Give Rooney and Lampard space and they will not be stoppable.
With the BBL's top scorer James Life in seemingly un stoppable mode, they opened a six-point gap at 88-82 with less than four minutes to play.
Any Secretary of State of any colour who behaved like John Redwood would very quickly build up such resentment in Wales that the momentum for full lawmaking powers through a referendum would become un- stoppable.
He doesn't seem to be stoppable right now,'' Coleman said.
All the goals were stoppable and the first and third were definitely the sort we should not be conceding.
Her latest action/packed adventure game, "Disney's Kim Possible: Kimmunicator," has players joining Kim and Ron Stoppable on an multi-part adventure that combines action and comedy, all set in vibrant 3D environments.
That means any competition will be stoppable at any time.
And the understudy looked every inch a rookie when he failed to stop a Fabio Cannavaro effort in 63 minutes that appeared stoppable.
We lost a game 1-0 and I was asked if I thought the shot was stoppable.
Waugh knew there was one crucial piece missing from a jigsaw we saw completed at Lord's, and that piece turned the World Champions from being barely stoppable to completely unstoppable.
Impey left Hughes for dead on the Leicester left, his cross evaded both Goma and Howey, and Cottee's shot looked stoppable but Given could only help it into the net.
Disney's Kim Possible 3: Team Possible brings Kim Possible, everyone's favorite crime-fighting cheerleader, back to the Game Boy Advance along with her sidekick, Ron Stoppable.