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stomadaeal, stomadaeum, stomadeal, stomadeum

See stomodeum.
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Blastopore closure (prior to the opening of the stomadeum in the same location) has been documented in opisthobranchs and other molluscs (Casteel, 1904; Thompson, 1958; Verdonk and Biggelaar, 1983).
As the blastopore closes, the immunoreactive cells are localized to the stomadeum cells that give rise to the foregut structures such as the mouth and anterior region of the esophagus, as shown in C.
The stomadeum, in addition to the developing right and left velar lobes and the fool, continues to express Hb-like protein (Fig.
In post-gastrula larvae, Hb-like protein expression is localized to the developing ciliary structures associated with feeding and locomotion that include the stomadeum, velar lobes, foot, intestine, and esophagus (Fig.