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Pertaining to stoichiometry.


Pertaining to stoichiometry.


(stoy″kē-om′ĕ-trē) [Gr. stoicheion, element + -metry]
The study of the mathematics of chemistry and chemical reactions; chemical accounting and chemical calculations.
stoichiometric (kē-ŏ-me′trik), adjective
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Figures 8-10 summarize calculated concentration and conversion results for the stoichiometric blend of epoxy and amine heated to 90[degrees]C and 150[degrees]C, 125[degrees]C and 200[degrees]C, and 175[degrees]C versus time, respectively.
8 1k -- -- -- Table 2: Stoichiometric compositions and chemical formulae of inclusions' type investigated Figure Points Stoichiometric Composition, % analysed [Al.
s], at which no gel was formed, even for the stoichiometric ratio[([r.
st] denote the actual and stoichiometric concentrations (vol %) of the blend.
This class of compounds presents lower stability than stoichiometric ones, and above 200[degrees]C, the HP[O.
Plasma and vacuum processes present as advantage the high purity and stoichiometric control on the deposition within an ample range of materials compositions.
n] of PS:PMMA = 46,100:21,000 g/mol, the stoichiometric at% of aromatic C, aliphatic C, beta-shifted C, C-0, C=0, and [pi]-[pi]* is 54.
Among the other topics: microbial and plant cell synthesis of secondary metabolites and strain improvement, flux control analysis and stoichiometric network modeling, and enzyme and cofactor engineering in the pharmaceutical and fermentation industries.
9 litre stoichiometric cooled-exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engine, is certified to 2010 EPA emissions, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and offers top-level performance and efficiency.
Material is in four sections on stoichiometric acylations, catalytic homogeneous and catalytic heterogeneous acylations, and phenol acylations.
Conducting the research study, Razavi first mixed raw materials comprised industrial ilmenite concentrate (extracted from Kahnuj mine, Iran) together with carbon black (as carbon source) at definite stoichiometric ratio and activated them in a planetary ball mill at different times.
The hydroxylation of proline and lysine residues by the collagen hydroxylases is coupled with a stoichiometric decarboxylation of 2-oxoglutarate.