stimulus word

stim·u·lus word

(stim'yū-lŭs werd),
The word used in association tests to evoke a response.
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C12 fully understood the principle of shared or unshared comparison stimuli, and was able to recall all the stimuli and their interrelations verbally, except for one stimulus word, and performed perfectly on the sorting test.
One at a time a stimulus word such as weak or sick appears in the center of the screen and the participant assigns the word to either the Cancer category by pressing the key assigned to the left-hand side of the screen or assigns it to the Cancer Free category by pressing the key assigned to the right-hand side of the screen.
ND was based on the work of Luce and Pisoni (1998), and was derived by comparing the phonetic transcription of the stimulus word with phonetic transcriptions of all possible neighboring words (i.
In normal individuals, word recognition tasks elicit a fairly characteristic MEG tracing known as M350 because it occurs approximately 350 milliseconds after someone hears a stimulus word.
Students who "know about" the subject matter will be able to produce a number of appropriate word associates to a stimulus word from the subject matter.
Although results deviated from expectations in that the aggressive groups did not show enhanced P3 amplitude to threat words, an intriguing pattern of within-group differences was found in relation to stimulus word type.
The only condition in which subjects perform worse (especially in the incidental learning task) is the condition in which subjects have seen and written the stimulus word.
Stimulus word combinations, including means and standard deviations obtained for the stimuli from Gaither et al.
To induce item-specific processing, Otani and Hodge asked subjects to form an image of each stimulus word.
Among stimulus words in the humility association test were humble, modest, tolerant, down to earth, respectful and open-minded.
If the correct response was not elicited, the stimulus words were repeated and the children were given the correct response, "Yes, those sound the same, don't they?
The PPVT-4 test also has more stimulus words included (now 228 per form), with better representation of word types across all levels of difficulty, and modernized core vocabulary.