The parent substance of sitosterol.
Synonym(s): sitostane
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Results: Three friedelolactones with naturally occurring seco-ring-A friedelane triterpenoids, 2/l-hydroxy-3, 4-seco-friedelolactone-27-oic acid (1), 2[beta], 2[beta]-dihydroxy-3,4-seco-friedelolactone-27-oic acid (2) and 2[beta], 30[beta]-dihydroxy-3,4-seco-friedelolactone-27-lactone (3), and a stigmastane, stigmast-25-ene- 3[beta],5[alpha],6[beta]-triol (11) together with nine known compounds were isolated from the whole plant of Viola diffusa G.
5) These steroids have stigmastane (C29), cholestane (C27) and ergostane (C28) skeletons, respectively.
The more common structural types are: colestane, stigmastane and ergostane, apart from the Crassulaceae family which produces highly oxydised bufadienolides.