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A stereoscopic x-ray apparatus.
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When she got back to Lebanon, she printed out one of the stereographs she had seen at the Library of Congress and placed it into the glasses.
He describes a particularly haunting example, a "gliding shadow" of a woman who passed through what was intended as a typical tourist view: "In the lovely glass stereograph of the Lake of Brientz, on the left hand side, a vaguely hinted female figure stands by the margin of the fair water; on the other side of the picture she is not seen.
vision of stereographs of rationally dressed women hiking in country
To make photographically illustrated books as cheaply as stereograph cards required that images be reproduced simultaneously with the text-not made separately and pasted in as with The Yosemite Book.
There, he made 100 stereograph views that were among the first photographs of Yosemite seen in the East.
Hence the inclusion of sculpture (Louis De Cordier's Yota, 2007), sculpture-plus-Internet projects (Jodi's Geo Goo, 2008, combining Google Earth projections alongside a scale model of the Pare de Bruxelles), photography (Roman Ondak's His Affair with Time, 2003, a touching diptych documenting his son's growth over time and in space), and such hybrid one-offs as Roy Arden's World as Will and Representation, 2007, an evolving video documentation of his vast collection of stock imagery drawn from online sources, and veteran avant-garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs's first looped video installation, The Surging Sea of Humanity, 2007, a leap back to the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, digitally enlivening a stereograph still image of a crowd of bowler-hatted men.
Visitors of the site will then be welcomed through the Visitors Centre, which will include stereographs of the pyramids and the monuments within the site, along with a map to the area.
DT: My interest began in 1964, when I picked up a copy of William Darragh's "Stereo Views: A History of Stereographs in America and Their Collection.
The Oberhausen program contained only oblique gestures to this history of "useful" 3-D: Scott Stark's Speechless (2008) repurposed medical stereographs, taken from a 1976 textbook titled The Clitoris, of vulvae in extreme close-up; Johann Lurf's Embargo (2014) surveilled the Austrian weapons industry in relief; and, much less self-consciously, Philippe Baylaucq's Ora (2011) aestheticized technology used for killing by capturing half-naked dancers with a restricted form of HD thermal imaging developed for the US military by Lockheed Martin.
Civil War photographers exhibited their photographs, published them in books and newspapers, and sold prints and stereographs.
I look upon photography being a most valuable aid education pictorial is by far the mode and manner of instruction Seven years after his death the trustees of his estate presented to Birmingham Reference Library his collection of 22,000 photographs, 600 stereographs, 2500 lantern slides, 17,000 glass negatives, 50 albums of collected prints, and 50 volumes of press cuttings relating to his work.
Census data with old phone books ("Direct Me NYC: 1940"), to transform more than 40,000 historical stereographs into web-friendly 3D formats ("The Stereogranimator"), and to digitally align/rectify historical maps with present day locations ("Map Warper").