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Relating to or containing feces.
Synonym(s): stercoral, stercorous


/ster·co·ral/ (ster´kah-r'l) fecal.


, stercoral , stercorous (stĕr'kōr-ā'shŭs, -ăl, -ŭs)
Relating to or containing feces.

stercorarian, stercoral, stercoraceous, stercoracic

of fecal origin; said of trypanosomes passed to the recipient in the feces of the tsetse fly (Glossina spp.). See also stercoraria.
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Stercoral colitis (SC) is an inflammatory colitis caused by increased intraluminal pressure from impacted fecal material in the colonic segments (1).
Patients with mortality related to stercoral colitis, had a median age of 67 years (range, 21-88 years), and patients without mortality had a median age of 74 years (range, 16-93 years).
And we recommend that those with risk factors causing idiopathic perforation and stercoral perforation (e.
Spontaneous perforation of the rectum with possible stercoral etiology: report of a case and review of the literature.
Stercoral perforation is defined as, "perforation of the bowel due to pressure necrosis from fecal masses.
Any additional colon pathology leads to exclusion from the diagnosis of stercoral perforation of the colon.
Chronic constipation can be associated with medical comorbidities and complications, such as intestinal impaction and obstruction, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, volvulus, stercoral ulcers, and IBS.
Direct sputum smear was positive for fungi in seven cases (five yeasts and filamentous fungi, one Strongyloides stercorals and one non-pathogenic yeast) and for Mycobacterium in four patients.
116 30,3 25,7-34,9 Giardia lamblia 42 11,0 7,8-14,1 * Nao foi observada nenhuma crianca parasitada por Strongyloides stercorals, Schistosoma mansoni e Taenia sp.
The patient's stool sample was found to be positive for S stercorals.