stem bronchus

stem bron·chus

the main bronchus from which the branches of the bronchial tree arise.
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Foreign bodies in trachea or main stem bronchus are retrievable and can be removed from most of patients with rigid hollow bronchoscope or flexible endoscope (Jones, 1984).
The whole left lung was destroyed secondary to persistent obstruction at the level of the left main stem bronchus due to the tumour.
We should remember that while removing the impacted foreign body, it may obstruct at the main stem bronchus and cause accidental migration into contralateral lung due to inefficient grasps.
There was severe stenosis of the right bronchus intermedius and proximal left main stem bronchus and a hypoplastic right lung (Fig.
4,10) This finding is secondary to the larger diameter and greater air flow of the right main stem bronchus, as well as its more vertical nature.
A metallic Wallstent (Schneider, Minneapolis, MN) was used at this second intervention in the same sites, with additional stenting in the right main stem bronchus, bronchus intermedius and right lower lobe bronchus.
In the first report (4), a Fogarty catheter was used to extract the marble, which rolled over to obstruct the opposite main stem bronchus.
The general design includes one lumen ending at the tip of the tube which is angled to one side to aid intubation of one main stem bronchus with its own cuff.
As a result of the procedure, Patinkin identifies a ruptured suture line in the right main stem bronchus and determines that the patient needs additional surgery.
It is placed in the same manner as a standard tracheal tube and when one-lung ventilation is required, the bronchial blocker is advanced into the main stem bronchus of the operative lung under direct vision with a flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope.
During the study, the ETT migrated into a main stem bronchus in 12 patients ([Group.