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statutory (in law) rape,

n sexual intercourse with a child below the age of consent, which varies from state to state.
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For more information about statutory rape or to schedule a presentation, contact Katie Deines via e-mail: katie@nphf.
Since 2002, the ATCM has been actively involved in, and remains committed to, the Department of Health move towards statutory regulation of the sector.
One of the most important differences between most contractual sick pay schemes and the statutory sick pay scheme is that the latter provides for 'waiting days'.
The notes amortize based on release of assets from the reinsurance trust in an amount equal to the decline in the statutory reserve, and are subject to redemption at the issuer's option, like asset- and mortgage-backed securities.
This is why getting an agreement on the new EU proposals for the Eighth Company Law Directive (on annual and consolidated accounts and statutory audit) is so important.
If employees wish to take their statutory holidays during their maternity leave period they can ( provided they comply with their employer's procedures for requesting holidays, giving their employer the required amount of notice under the Working Time Regulations.
Recent findings, indicating that significant numbers of teenage pregnancies were fathered by men more than 4 years older than their partners, have led to increased initiatives by the federal government toward enforcement of statutory rape laws by the states (Donovan, 1997).
The book, Statutory Interpretation: The Search for Legislative Intent, appeals to lawyers, judges, and students alike, answering questions that arise from the ambiguities, inconsistencies, or complete gaps often found in statutory meaning.
Accordingly, the adoption of IAS by the Member States as a method of accounting for subsidiary companies for statutory purposes has great merit in its own right.
Encouraged by congressional action, state legislators in the mid-1990s began strengthening and enforcing statutory rape laws in an effort to lower teenage pregnancy rates and welfare costs.
The ruling will apply to statutory options only if they become disqualified as a result of transfer to the non-employee spouse (statutory options cannot be transferred under IRC Sec.
announced today that it will begin mailing important information about its Plan of Conversion to more than one million Statutory Members.