statistical model

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sta·tis·ti·cal mod·el

a formal representation for a class of processes that allows a means of analyzing results from experimental studies, such as the Poisson model or the general linear model; it need not propose a process literally interpretable in the context of the individual case.
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The global model term means that one statistical model is used for all stations and the local one that each station has its own statistical model.
Researchers at Britain's Lancaster University develop a true digital control design philosophy that encompasses data-based statistical model identification through to control algorithm design, robustness evaluation, and implementation.
The standard output from a statistical model includes not only a credit score, but also the probability that the account will go bad, i.
The geometric model has been used for the purposes of comparative analysis because it takes into account, just like a statistical model, the influence of the wall of the formed element on fibre orientation.
A statistical model is a deformable model which in a compact way describes the information contained in a training dataset.
The Reserve Bank's statistical model suite contains a range of different models that vary across each of these dimensions.
4) The time-honored baseball scout, who spends countless hours watching prospects and assessing if they have "what it takes," now competes against the statistical model.
The nonlinear statistical model presented in this paper uses for prediction two types of input parameters: forecast data and historical data.
For each type of teenage substance use examined, the researchers used a statistical model to group participants according to patterns of use.
Daily aspirin starting at age 50 is a less cost-effective way to prevent colorectal cancer than is having a colonoscopy once every 10 years, according a statistical model reported on by Dr.
Using a new statistical model of primate evolution, the scientists conclude that the oldest common ancestor of today's primates lived approximately 81.
Hahn and others before him who have a separate agenda from the people want to ``adjust'' the census count with a statistical model.

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