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Ardent cautions that forward-looking statements are subject to numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties, which change over time.
Every GASB standard includes a "materiality box" that states in boldface type: "The provisions of this Statement need not be applied to immaterial items.
15, 1997 and the taxpayer replaced the twelfth monthly income statement for that year with a thirteenth period income statement that (1) covered the same period as the twelfth monthly income statement, (2) reflected the LIFO inventory method and (3) was provided, before the first monthly income statement of the following year, to each creditor who received the twelfth monthly income statement.
The primary purpose of financial statements should be to reflect management's stewardship to existing stockholders.
This creates a deferred tax asset because the company is taking a financial statement deduction that is not currently deductible for income tax purposes.
For each part, column (a) contains book income statement data, while column (d) shows tax return information.
In a separate action, the FASB issued Statement No.
It is not difficult to marshal many reasons why the Winnipeg Statement should be recalled.
Mission statement #3: "--provides leadership for our community's future through innovative experiences and environments for learning.
This study stands as a practitioner's guide that attempts to shed light on two elements of statement analysis and the usefulness of SAFE-T as a field examination technique.
Surviving a real turnaround, which begins with a seemingly simple mission statement, often is a more difficult journey than the road to bankruptcy.
Unfortunately, there is also much that the policy statement does not cover.