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Ernest H., English physiologist, 1866-1927. See: Starling curve, Starling hypothesis, Starling law, Starling reflex, Frank-Starling curve.
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The integration with Starling Bank means that Soldo now comes complete with its own sort code and account number, creating another vital step forward in the automation of company funds.
AGAINST a grey Northumberland sky a flock of starlings swoop and dive in unison.
us/339/Police-Department) Draper City Police Department suggested that a bunch of the starlings in the cloud over their city crashed into something, causing the falling birds, according to KSTU.
The Vernon Area Public Library officially became a Starling Partner and purchased Starlings in 2017.
It added that starlings carry out the display for many reasons.
The company now owns four dealerships in Florida, including Starling Chevrolet in Orlando, Starling Chevrolet Cadillac in Deland and Starling Chevrolet Buick GMC in St.
16 October 2017 - Florida, US-based car dealership network Starling Automotive Group has acquired Florida-based Kunz Buick GMC dealership, expanding the number of dealerships Starling owns in Florida to four, the company said.
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The partnership gives Starling customers direct, in-app access to TransferWise's services, allowing them to make transfers from the UK across the 35 currencies available in the TransferWise app, including the euro, US dollars and Indian rupees.
Julian Hughes, from RSPB Conwy, said: "It's just getting into starling murmuration time.
We believe Starling is revolutionary, said Bastien Sachet, Chief Executive of global environmental and social non-profit TFT.
I watched sympathetically the other day as a couple of harassed adult starlings landed in the Robson Towers back garden.