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While the entire Reef is not affected by the crown-of-thorns starfish, a population explosion of this venomous invertebrate has occurred between Cairns and Lizard Island in recent years.
Most known starfish species possess a compound eye at the tip of each arm, which, except for the lack of true optics, resembles arthropod compound eye.
Whilst seeing stranded starfish on the beach can be distressing, such situations are not uncommon around the coast of Britain.
Starfish and mussels were collected monthly during neap tides between April 2006 and May 2008 using two methods.
Under her direction, Human Kinetics' Aquatic Division will develop a "blended" StarGuard course, which includes an online portion followed by in-water training at a Starfish training center.
He added: "It's pretty simple really - we get the starfish that are washed up on the decks of fishing boats and take them to our aquarium.
Among leading Starfish Oils products are aroma body oils and handmade soaps in the Sweet Jamaica line, which contains sweet orange, vanilla and nutmeg ingredients.
Leave the goddamn starfish out of your gratuitous marketing campaign.
Starfish mobile data synchronization technology gives wireless operators, mobile device manufacturers, IT managers and enterprise software developers the power to successfully synchronize mobile data stores and devices, even in complex sequences, such as when records are updated while the synchronization is being performed.
Designed for budget-conscious singles, couples and families, Starfish Resorts will adhere to SuperClubs' famed pre-paid, all-inclusive vacation concept, but will be marketed under the SuperClubs brand, Issa said.
Starfish is the first company to bring the smells of the Caribbean to us poor snowbound souls on the mainland.