standard sample

standard sample,

n a small portion of a substance that conforms to the specification for that particular material. It is used for evaluating other samples.
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However, the RTC rejected the defense of forgery since an examination made by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) concluded that "the questioned document [referring to the Acknowledgement Receipt dated 20 January 2012 and the standard sample signatures [of] Libay were written by one and the same person.
NYT Syndicate The day before her Chlo` debut, designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi was discussing the model she had chosen to open her show: a relative unknown whose face, she said, was full of character but whose body did not conform to the traditional runway mold " which is to say, it did not fit easily into the standard sample size.
However, in case of considerable variation, standard sample of 5 percent, should be then taken for reassessment to conform credibility of the census, he added.
In both cases a standard sample with a known concentration is required (QIAGEN, 2014), such as: viral RNA extracted from purified viral particles, viral RNA transcribed in vitro or cloned viral cDNA (a recombinant plasmid inserted into Escherichia coli).
In the end, it was concluded that the suggested polymer is comparable to and can replace the standard sample.
where, OD control is the absorbance of the blank sample, and OD sample is the absorbance of samples or standard sample.
A standard sample design may not capture enough positive-valued units in a sample to yield a serviceable estimation for the population total, so it is necessary to enhance the information content in the sample.
The press features specially designed Accu-Heat heated tube platens for accurate temperature uniformity to [+ or -] 1[degrees] at 302[degrees]F; platens accept all standard sample mold sizes; a self-contained hydraulic unit; an AB Micrologix 1200 PLC with Micro View C400 operator interface; 1/16 DIN digital temperature controllers; a fully guarded clamp area with interlocked operator gate; an optional contact gauge for quiet operation; and an optional Yokogawa smart dact GX10 paperless chart recorder and remote, wireless access of heat and force data.
The OncoScan product utilises Molecular Inversion Probe (MIP) technology which interrogates 40 base pairs of DNA, and is the only assay specifically optimised for the analysis of copy number in FFPE samples, the standard sample type for solid tumours.
2 GMAC/s or 295 MIPS) at the standard sample rate of 48 kHz.
Among the topics are analyzing texture depth distribution by energy-dispersive diffraction, a standard sample package for calibrating X-ray stress measurement, studying ductile damage progression in an aluminum single crystal using synchrotron white X-ray, identifying weld residual stresses using diffraction methods and their effect on fatigue strength of high strength steel welds, and residual stresses in roller bearing components.
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