stage fright

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An episode of performance anxiety preceding a public event, which may affect speakers, stage actors—hence the alternate, term ‘stage fright’—and soloist musicians; it may respond to anxiolytics

performance anxiety

A physiologic “fight-or-flight” reaction that occurs in an anxious person carrying out an activity in the public eye (e.g., those in entertainment, public speakers and others)

Clinical findings
Tachycardia, tachypnoea, hypertension, increased muscle tone.

Functional impotence due to personal concerns about poor sexual performance.

stage fright

Performance anxiety, see there.
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This cure for stage fright is not limited in its scope.
My stage fright developed over time as the choreography got more difficult, and I realized I had more of a chance of screwing it up," she says.
If you decide that for the short period of time that you are standing there talking to them you will like them, no matter what they have done or how they are looking at you now--it will pulverize that stage fright.
Various causes of stage fright have been postulated.
The star of films such as The Queen, Helen says: "I still suffer terribly from stage fright.
I think the only way I can overcome my stage fright would be here in London.
CRAIG LEVEIN last night claimed Heart had taken stage fright as Feyenoord's shining stars dazzled them.
Chapter Six, "Techniques for Performers and Advanced Students," includes information about singing from memory, varied tone color production, individual vocal identities, interpretation and stage fright.
A TELEVISION detective has quit his role in a play at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre after suffering from a severe bout of stage fright.
AN ACTOR best known as a TV cop has pulled out of the new Everyman Theatre season because of stage fright.
Her trenchantly unconvincing performance of stage fright did not obscure genuine performer's nerves.
For an actor whose stage fright nearly ended his career, he has come a long way.