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Q If you have stable angina, will any procedure help you live longer?
compared the therapeutic benefits of trimetazidine with that of isosorbide dinitrate in the 53 patients with stable angina uncontrolled by propranalol 40 mg BID.
Key clinical point: Rates of acute Ml and all-cause mortality in patients with stable angina pectoris but no obstructive CAD are significantly lower than in the general population.
ACME-1 trial (Angioplasty Compared to MEdicine) was one of the first studies to compare the efficacy of percutaneous coronary intervention with medicine alone in patients with stable angina.
You may have chronic stable angina, and if you change your lifestyle and receive good medical therapy, the angina may go away.
But until the results arrive in 2020, will as many stress imaging studies continue for patients with stable angina when so many referred patients turn out to be negative for more advanced coronary disease?
Chronic stable angina is characterized by chest pain during exertion caused by a narrowing of the coronary arteries.
Increased plasminogen activator inhibitor antigen levels in diabetic patients with stable angina.
Adults with stable angina or ischaemia that appears on stress tests should be offered the best available drugs first.
Coronary plaque ruptures have been shown in 7%-27% of stable angina patients (3, 4) and in 3% of patients dying of noncardiac causes (5).