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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 13, 2017-Briggs and Stratton Acquires Commercial Spreader, Sprayer Product Line
By World War II, in addition to manure spreaders, New Idea was manufacturing horse-drawn mowers, side-delivery rakes, hay loaders, farm wagons, transplanters, 1-and 2-row corn pickers, husker-shredders, portable elevators and hand corn shellers.
Roach, spreader, and accompanying pieces are from the writer's collection.
Pearl Technologies says benefits of the new pre-nip chiller spreaders include the ability to be custom designed to fit any line, improvement of film quality and also the elimination of film blocking, which therefore saves on anti-block additives.
For more information on the pre-nip chiller spreaders, contact: Technical Sales Department, Pearl Technologies, Inc.
Trading technology provider Orc Software has launched Orc Spreader, its product tailored for high frequency arbitrage and spread trading in Asia.
The system has been used three times a week for a three-month period, with one of the 24 metre spreaders being left on site for a further three months until this phase of works is completed, which is scheduled to be next month.
The total number of spreaders that will be inspected is some 1,730 units.
Pearl offers two types of spreader surfaces--an ultra-low COF wear-resistant replaceable plastic covered spreader and a SM-24 surface modified spreader.
Initial results from the first 18 spreaders showed machines were generally well presented and maintained.
box-type) spreaders (Richard and Hanna, 1999; Reichenberger, 2000).
Spreaders adjust hydraulically to accommodate varying trench widths.