split tongue

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split tongue

A cleft or bifid tongue resulting from developmental arrest.
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split estrus
occurs in bitches, especially during the first heat. Early signs do not proceed and the bitch is not mated but comes on heat 6 weeks later but is likely to be infertile. Occurs sporadically also in most other species.
split fats
fats which have been split into fatty acids and glycerol by digestion. A preponderance of split fats over neutral fats in the feces suggests that the supply of lipase is adequate and that any steatorrhea that is present is probably due to malabsorption rather than maldigestion.
split genes
genes which contain coding segments (exons) interrupted by non-coding segments (introns); found in eukaryotes but not in prokaryotes.
split hand deformity
split tongue
may be congenital or the result of injury to the tongue.
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The distinct split tongue of the Gel-Lyte III, originally designed laterally to keep it steady during movement, introduced new collaboration models developed and constructed in Japan, and will also have a limited edition each month of 2015.
She was found abandoned in a Quincy park and taken to a local veterinarian, who soon realized that her split tongue and dislocated joints were not the result of an accident, but something far worse.
We also meet Linda, who'll do anything to stop the ageing process, and Gavin, who has horns and a split tongue.