spiritual well-being

spiritual well-being,

n a sense of peace and contentment stemming from an individual's relationship with the spiritual aspects of life.
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And for your spiritual well-being, check out the second installment of our Lenten special, "40 days to a new you" (pages 26-31).
His is always a practical theology, down-to-earth and free of mysticism, looking to how people live as the key to their spiritual well-being.
Remuda Ranch announced today the launch of the Remuda Spiritual Assessment Questionnaire (RSAQ) that measures a patient's level of spiritual well-being.
Spiritual Well-Being, Cortisol, and Suicidality in Croatian War Veterans Suffering from PTSD
This study examined the extent to which disappointment with God influenced the psychological and spiritual well-being of 160 churchgoers, and the potential mediating influences of relationship quality (spiritual maturity and relationship commitment) and dispositional forgiveness, Disappointment with God was positively related to depression and stress and negatively related to spiritual well-being, dispositional forgiveness, spiritual maturity, and relationship commitment.
The participants each received a self-administered questionnaire which was developed to measure their acculturative stress level and spiritual well-being level.
Many people feel a sense of spiritual loss and don't know where to locate a spiritual fountain or source of spiritual well-being.
Janson is a noted Four Quadrant Healer focused on Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being, trained in behavioral kinesiology, hherbology, naturopathic protocols, body symbology, and shamanic healing techniques.
depression, anxiety, and stress), and spiritual well-being.
The authors studied the relationships between adult workers' spiritual well-being and job satisfaction.
Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an extensive body of research establishing the relationship between aspects of religiosity and gratitude; religious practices such as prayer (Lambert, Fincham, Braithwaite, Graham, & Beach, 2009), religious affiliation (Kraus, Desmond, & Palmer, 2015), extent of religiousness (McCullough, Emmons, & Tsang, 2002), religious salience (Tsang, 2006), and spiritual well-being (Mills et al.